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Get Ready for This

2010-10-08 08:10:04 by VideoGameAddict

Hey, hey, hey everybody! Guess WHAT!!! I'm going to come out with an AWESOME shooter game here real soon so be on the look-out! I'm pretty excited to get back on grind again. Hopefully this turns out as awesome as I hope it does. It's called Sharpshooter so watch for it! ;D

Try This Again....

2010-07-09 15:06:41 by VideoGameAddict

Hello again Newgrounds! It's been a while. Well, here I am again with another Flash Submission, "The Epic Crossover Arena". I've tried sprite animations before but failed... Terribly... But, I have a lot of confidence in this one! I think it's a HUGE step up from the others.

Back Again!!!

2010-02-10 12:35:51 by VideoGameAddict

Hey Newgrounds! I'm back with a vengance with my new flash submission, Stickman Fighting a Wall! It sounds stupid but I can say that it's at least a little entertaining. I made it outta boredom.

Bye Bye...

2009-12-20 16:45:34 by VideoGameAddict

Hey all, due to the epic failure of episode 2 and low ratings for both vids, I'm going to take Naruto Chronicles down and discontinue the series.


Dont Cry...

2009-11-17 15:48:12 by VideoGameAddict

This might make my... Uh... 'Fans' sad but, I'm gonna take a little break from Naruto Chronicles for a bit. I'm thinking of trying regular animation. There apparently aren't many people who like my animations, especially the second one. I'm afraid that it's going to be blammed to next Tuesday so to those who do enjoy my films, don't forget rate and comment. Your vote counts and is greatly appreciated. :)

Dont Cry...


2009-11-09 18:03:49 by VideoGameAddict



First Flash

2009-11-04 17:17:15 by VideoGameAddict

I just got my first flash up on the internet. I'm really happy, yay! I'm currently working on part two so be sure to watch out for that one! :)

First Flash