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Try This Again....

2010-07-09 15:06:41 by VideoGameAddict

Hello again Newgrounds! It's been a while. Well, here I am again with another Flash Submission, "The Epic Crossover Arena". I've tried sprite animations before but failed... Terribly... But, I have a lot of confidence in this one! I think it's a HUGE step up from the others.


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2010-07-09 15:47:04

yeah us this is yet again a fail and you didn't fully utilize each charecter as you should have, link has many other weapons like the boomerrang, bow and arrows, light fire and ice arrows , he also has bombs and can swim under water ect link clearly has the upper hand in long to medium range combat while zabuza is i fricken ninja, hes way stronger than link upclose and has jutsu.
Next time know your characters or you will fail like you have been for a long time.